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Fill in this form with what you Know About the Proximity Sensor or Switch you need. - The Company that made the machine it came from. - The Manufacturer of the part. - Any #'s on the part. If you are missing some data we can usually determine it for you. Generally we can determine the correct part just from knowing the type of machine it was installed in. Our LARGE AND GROWING database gets better each day. We will then follow your instructions to E-Mail, Fax or Call you with price and availability for BOTH THE ORIGINAL MANUFACTURERS' AND EQUIVALENT SUBSTITUTE (EXACT MATCHING) PARTS. Don't pay more than you have to! We are AUTHORIZED REPRESENTATIVES for many of the Brands used in popular CNC and other Industial Automation products.

Please Fill in as many fields as you can. We do not require all fields to be filled in but, the more information we have, the better job we can do.

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Describe (briefly) the function of the Proximity Sensor or Switch. Such as; X-AXIS HOME SENSOR or TURRET-INDEX-OVER SWITCH etc.

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